Olibest expands olive oil production with GEA decanter

The new GEA decanter CF 8000 processes 650 tons of olives per day for Portuguese oil producer Olibest (Image: GEA)

One of Portugal’s most modern and largest olive oil mills is located in Alentejo and operated by Olibest, one of the leading producers of olive oil in Europe. Back in 2021, Olibest relied on GEA to build this new plant with a processing capacity of up to 1.5 million kg of olives per day. Now, the production has expanded with the latest and largest GEA decanter available to date for the olive oil sector. The new high-performance centrifuge of type olivMaster CF 8000 processes a further 650 tons of olives per day for Olibest.

The performance of the CF 8000 decanter in a test phase convinced Olibest to expand production with this machine to a total of seven olive oil extraction lines. As the oil mill had a high level of automation from the outset to precisely monitor and manage the entire production process, the new GEA decanter was integrated quickly and easily.

“We are pleased that the latest decanter in our portfolio was able to convince the olive oil experts at Olibest with its performance,” explained Juan Manuel Jariego, sales manager of the GEA centre of excellence for Olive Oil in Úbeda, Spain. “It not only stands out for its high processing capacity, but also has excellent energy efficiency with very good yields. The new CF 8000 is therefore an ideal solution for the large mills, which have evolved significantly in this sector in recent years,” emphasised Jariego.

GEA showcases new Combi-Decanter at Expoliva trade fair in Spain

Based on more than 40 years of experience, GEA supports the olive oil sector with components for every step of the process, as well as solutions that not only maximise yield and quality, but also minimise water and energy consumption. At Expoliva, GEA will be showcasing its solutions for olive oil production and edible oil refining plants in Jaén, Spain.

At Expoliva, GEA will be showcasing its new Combi-Decanter, which provides customers two machines in one solution. This GEA decanter is the only one that can be used during the campaign in a two-phase design for first extraction and, thereafter, the campaign in a three-phase design for pomace treatment. By simply adjusting the decanter settings and without any new or re-assembling of machine parts, the Combi-Decanter masters both olive oil processes, providing maximum yield and highest flexibility. The new Combi feature is currently available for the decanter types olivMaster prime CF 4000, 6000 and 7000.