New brewery in Pittsburgh, USA, completely delivered by GEA

Pittsburgh Brewing Company returns to producing its own beer using GEA technology

Pittsburgh Brewing Company in Pennsylvania, USA, has returned to brewing its popular beers independently. For this purpose, it has invested in a new brewery featuring GEA technology. As a greenfield project, GEA’s brewing experts designed and developed the complete process chain, from brewhouse to cold area and bottling. Installation began in August 2021 and was completed one year later.

Revival of Iron City beers

The 160-year-old Pittsburgh Brewing Company is known for its popular lagers, such as Iron City, IC Light and IC Mango, which were previously produced at other sites.

“Doing all the brewing ourselves from now on is a big step. The learning curve is huge,” said Todd Zwicker, president of Pittsburgh Brewing Company. “We relied on GEA, and today we are proud of our iconic brewery — a project that we managed to complete on time thanks to GEA, despite the pandemic and supply chain situation. We want to be a beacon project for our region with the participation of the local community.”

Pittsburgh Brewing has big plans for its new production site on the Allegheny River. Not only will the company increase core production from the current 100,000 hectoliters of beer per year, but former brands will be revived and new ones created. The capacities can also be used by other breweries.

“We want to add weight to our brands, but focus on our local core sales region,” Zwicker explained. Pittsburgh Brewing currently delivers 90% of its production volume to West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Maryland.