FPT hosts one-stop food innovation centre

Understanding the needs of start-ups and longstanding food producers, FPT’s latest food campus will serve the production process from start to finish.

By Axel Arras, managing director of FPT Group

FPT is building up the largest food campus in the Asia-Pacific region. The 50-metre campus is situated at the heart of the “Kitchen of the World”, and is set to mimic a full-fledged factory facility. It comprises of high, medium and low risk zones that conform to stringent hygiene standards.

FPT’s Food Campus is also equipped with the latest machineries and technologies designed for ingredients, flavours and seasonings development; food producer can experiment to find the right recipes and that ideal combinations.

FPT’s team of professionals encompasses Master Chefs, Food scientists, Engineers, Project Consultants, Architects, QA and IT specialists. Together we provide a wealth of expertise, insights, fresh ideas and latest trends to be leveraged upon for our full range of Farm-To-Fork machineries, technologies and innovative solutions.

The food Campus aims to set a standard for food production, hygiene and safety standards. More essentially, it seeks to provide an environment for R&D and creativity to thrive so as to curate the upcoming food products in a affordable, safe and sustainable manner.

Opened to entrepreneurs and producers in the food industry, FPT’s team of specialists can testbed their desired product or dream-factory before building one. This synergy and one-single-source service eliminates errors of new development, reducing start-up costs, integration errors, traceability complexity and enhancing their success in this competitive industry.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s November/October 2022 issue.