Say no to perchlorate: CJ FNT introduces natural cysteine

An increasing number of consumers now seek products with clean label and natural ingredient claims, along with safer and non-electrolytic cysteine (Image: CJ Food & Nutrition Tech)

CJ Food & Nutrition Tech (CJ FNT) has launched an online campaign showcasing its FlavorNrich MASTER C L-Cysteine, and how it can serve the growing demand for non-electrolytic cysteine.

Cysteine, one of 20 amino acids, is a key precursor for creating a savoury flavour through the Maillard reaction, interacting with reducing sugars to give browned food its distinctive taste. It is typically produced from animal materials through acid hydrolysis, or produced by fermentation with synthetic processes such as electrolysis. Cysteine is becoming a crucial part of the future ingredient market as it is used for a wide range of products from pet food to hair care, alternative meat, and future food ingredients. And since it is an essential ingredient for meat-like flavours in animal-free products, its market position will become more solid as the market for alternative meats grows.

Yet, there are still unmet needs for safer non-electrolytic cysteine as more consumers now look for products with clean label and natural ingredient claims.

Cysteines in the current market are generally produced by acid-hydrolysis with animal feathers or an electrolysis process; both are considered synthetic processes that change a material’s original molecular structure, meaning cysteines produced by them are not suitable for classification under natural flavours based on the food regulations in the US and Europe. They also cause concerns over animal welfare and sustainability.

In addition, some cysteines produced by the electrolysis process in the market could contain perchlorates higher than permitted levels, since perchlorates can be formed by the electrolysis process. High exposure to perchlorates can interfere with iodide uptake into the thyroid gland, disrupting thyroid functions and potentially leading to a reduction in thyroid hormone production. All of these have led to demands for natural, non-electrolysis cysteines with no perchlorates.

FlavorNrich MASTER C L-Cysteine thus provides an alternative; it is manufactured through a minimal process defined by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the EU. Produced by a microbial fermentation process that does not involve electrolysis, FlavorNrich MASTER C qualifies as a natural flavour accoridng to standards of the USDA’s organic programme, and the regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration and the EU.

“FlavorNrich MASTER C L-Cysteine is a fermentation-based, non-electrolysis cysteine made by CJ’s advanced biotechnologies,” said a representative from CJ FNT. “It would be a great alternative for our global FMCG customers seeking for natural ingredients for their products.”