Fighting the global food supply crisis

The resilience of our global food system is under test and strain: on one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways consumer engage with their eating habits, calling for greater fortification, and greener and healthier labels. On the other hand, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, climate change, and growing food trade protectionism has upended the food supply chain, forcing producers to look for alternative sources. Food & Beverage Asia speaks with Alex Menezes, COO of Next Gen Foods, on how the rise of new technologies, such as alternative protein, might be the answer to these tough times.

Globally, events such as the conflict in Ukraine and the pandemic have disrupted the food supply chain, especially in the areas of grain and oil exports. How are alternative protein producers responding to these challenges, and what changes do you anticipate taking place in the realm of alt-protein research, particularly on the innovation front?

Alex Menezes: Our food system is highly dependent on globally integrated supply chains and this is not the first time they have faced disruption. As the global population continues to grow, so too will the demand for meat, thus creating further supply chain disruption. In order to meet this demand for meat in the long term, we need to rethink our food system and understand the role in which plant-based and other sustainable proteins can play to secure a more sustainable future.

In the next few years, we anticipate the growth of the alternative meat sector to accelerate as demand for plant-based meat continues to grow. According to BCG and Blue Horizon Corporation, the global market for alternative proteins will grow from the current 13 million metric tons a year to 97 million metric tons by 2035. A Kerry research report also found that 62% of APAC consumers were interested in buying meat alternatives and 44% intended to eat more of it.

This growing awareness and education surrounding alternative protein will only continue to drive the demand for innovative and delicious plant-based meats. To date, there have already been significant improvements to the quality and taste of alternative protein, increasing consumer trust to try plant-based meats like TiNDLE — which has received rave reviews for its similarity to chicken from birds.

Our mission at Next Gen Foods is to create a more sustainable global food supply chain by providing an authentic, delicious, and versatile chicken experience with TiNDLE.

The full article is available in the latest edition of Food & Beverage Asia August/September 2022 issue. To continue reading, click here.