Digitalisation: Transition presents opportunity

Natasha Avelange, group XR Manager – projects, at tna solutions, looks at the drivers behind digitalisation in food processing and packaging and the value manufacturers can expect to gain by embracing the change

Overcoming challenges is nothing new in the world of food production, but in recent years there has been more to deal with than expected. The global pandemic has led to shortages and supply chain breakdowns, and when coupled with the pressures added by the conflict in Europe, these issues have only been magnified. In addition, there are challenges that have been building gradually and steadily over a longer period.

Furthermore, environmental concerns are more front of mind than ever before as climate change continues to advance, and both skilled and unskilled labour is increasingly difficult to find and retain across the industry.

Whilst this all seems like a downhearted way to begin, what these challenges highlight is that the industry is in a transitional phase, which is being accelerated by rising energy and raw material costs. Processes honed over many years based on full employment and robust supply chains will inevitably have to change, but where manufacturers are driven to achieve efficiencies there are benefits to be reaped if changes are addressed in the right way. Transition presents opportunity, and the way to take advantage in a digital age is to leverage technological advances. In short, digitalisation is the way forward.

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