Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina introduce The New Cheesecake

The New Cheesecake uses local ingredients, offering bakeries and outlets in Europe and Asia the opportunity to create their own variations.

Anticipating a rising demand for high quality cheesecake and in line with the trend “high quality, true indulgence”, bakery solutions provider Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina have joined forces to craft an accessible alternative to the New York cheesecake.

The companies have launched The New Cheesecake based on whey protein. Zeelandia’s crust mix is topped with FrieslandCampina’s fresh cream cheese in a recipe with a ready-to-use ingredients mix.

Eelco van Oosterbosch, global category leader at the Royal Zeelandia Group, commented: “There are several qualities of cheesecakes on the market in Europe and Asia, with different types of cheese, but the biggest increase in demand is for real American premium cheesecake.

“Together with the professionals from FrieslandCampina, we are proud to introduce The New Cheesecake. It is proven to be as creamy, smooth and satisfying as the original, offering an indulgent cheesecake experience with an optimal sensory balance between delightfully sweet and fresh sour notes, a rich and creamy consistency, and a smooth and velvety mouthfeel.”

As well as replicating the smooth and creamy texture that makes American cheesecake so popular, The New Cheesecake by Zeelandia and FrieslandCampina offers a sustainable option. Instead of shipping the finished product frozen, The New Cheesecake uses local ingredients and production, and a newly created supply chain in which the baker creates the cheesecake, with desired performance each time. This helps to reduce the carbon footprint, and allows consumers to indulgence with a clear conscience.

“From up-sell opportunities to reach the high-end cheesecake segment, a basic recipe, and a range of inspirational ideas to offer customers’ differentiation, to creating value across bakeries, premium retail and quick service restaurant chains alike, this solution ensures a delicious cheesecake without cracks every time. Together, we explored every option to come to this indulgent product, while at the same time securing a smaller carbon footprint,” van Oosterbosch concluded.