Z Natural Foods introduces new collagen MCT coffee and tea creamers

Z Natural Foods has announced the release of two new collagen-based creamers used for coffee, tea and other drinks, both with medium-chain triglycerides (MCT Oil).

Available in two options, Unflavoured Collagen MCT Creamer and Vanilla Flavoured Collagen MCT Creamer, these creamers are high in nutrition, and have been approved for keto and paleo diets to support energy requirements. The Unflavoured Collagen MCT Creamer contains hydrolysed collagen peptides, MCT Oil powder, and a small amount of natural anti-clumping powder. As for the Vanilla Flavoured Collagen MCT Creamer, it contains the same ingredients as the unflavoured version, with the addition of organic vanilla flavour and a splash of organic stevia extract.

Sam Hirschberg, director of marketing for Z Natural Foods, said: “These creamers are perfect keto-approved superfood, loaded with amino acids and healthy fats to support joints, tendons, and cartilage, and offer the ideal way to boost the nutritional value of consumer’s favourite morning coffee or tea.”

The hydrolysed collagen is from grass-fed cows to strengthen the nutritional value. Known as a superfood, collagen provides a nourishing level of amino acids known for the ability to rebuild and repair. Both creamers mix with water, juice and smoothies, and are gluten-free.