Yusung Pack installs second Comexi SL2 laminator

The South Korean company values the safety offered by Comexi, as well as the ability to facilitate the training and education of workers.

Comexi has completed the installation of the second Comexi SL2 laminator at the facilities of Yusung Park, a South Korean manufacturer of plastic packaging for household goods, food, cosmetics, and facial masks. This operation strengthens the relationship between the two companies, which began in 2017 with the acquisition by Yusung Park of the first Comexi SL2 laminator.

Hong Inseok, CEO of Yusung Park, said: “We have chosen Comexi because we believe, in comparison to market competitors, it provides us with more security.”

With four decades of experience in the packaging manufacturing sector, Hong values the ability of Comexi to educate and train employees, stressing that “being able to easily train means reducing the training period of new employees. In other words, the company can maintain productivity even if workers are replaced.”

Despite the challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the installation was possible due to the involvement of Hankook Comexi, the Comexi’s representative in South Korea. “As a result of this installation, we have shown the market that we can offer complete technical service with Comexi’s online support,” Hankook Comexi’s Hong Dukkyu explained. Furthermore, when considering the current health environment, he pointed out the challenges of delivering and installing foreign machinery in South Korea.

The design of the Comexi SL2, due to its ability and controls, is ideal for short- and medium-run laminator for a wide variety of materials, as well as the solution for solventless lamination. This machine has been designed to comply with productivity concepts and operation simplicity. The Comexi SL2 possesses an intuitive environmental nuance, and has an applicator head design, which consist of complete motorisation, metering sleeves usage, and the option of incorporation automatic change turrets.