Yakima Chief Hops unveils DynaBoost, a flowable whirlpool extract

Formerly known as YCH 702, DynaBoost sets itself apart as a flowable variety-specific hop extract

Yakima Chief Hops has launched DynaBoost, formerly known as YCH 702. DynaBoost is a flowable variety-specific hop extract. Designed for whirlpool use, DynaBoost captures and delivers true-to-type hop aroma for beers in bottles.

“It’s rewarding to introduce a product that encapsulates our research into a practical, innovative solution for brewers,” said Tessa Schilaty, technical marketing manager at YCH. “DynaBoost not only enhances the sensory palate with its high concentration of beer-soluble hop compounds but also addresses logistical and economic challenges modern breweries face.”

DynaBoost’s key strength is its pourability, flowing at room temperature with no hot water bath required. Used as a hassle-free replacement for T-90 pellets in the whirlpool, the soluble product can increase hot-side yields by up to 5%. With 1kg of DynaBoost, it replaces 10kg of T-90 pellets, saving costs on freight and space in your cooler.

“We explored a name that would capture how dynamic this product is,” said director of marketing, Pascal Fritz. “Based on internal trials, and feedback from our brewing partners, we realised this extract was exceptional. Aside from its pourability, it can boost the hop profile of beer in ways that other products cannot.”

DynaBoost is currently available in Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, and Centennial, with more coming soon. This extract is ready to ship in 1kg and 10kg graduated, recyclable HDPE bottles.

Schilaty added: “This product is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency, providing brewers with a tool that elevates both the art and science of brewing. DynaBoost is a game-changer for brewing operations, large and small.”