WENTOPRO SkinTight for packaged fish: Fresh appearance, taste and longer shelf life

According to customers, the glossy WENTOPRO SkinTight can not only provide an appealing appearance, it also promotes a fresher taste and longer shelf life

Film packaging for fresh fish in accordance with the requirements of the Food and Drug Agency (FDA) demand a certain oxygen transmission rate (OTR) to ensure the highest product safety. Wentus, from Höxter, has implemented FDA specifications with the film solutions WENTOPRO SkinTight 20 UHT and UHT-M. These solutions offer the packaged products maximum safety, as well as present them in a particularly attractive way.

FDA-compliant film, first-class appearance

The skin films WENTOPRO SkinTight 20 UHT and UHT-M are characterised by special strength and excellent cutting and sealing properties. With an oxygen permeability of more than 10,000 cm3/(m2d bar), they meet the US requirements for packaging fresh fish. The tight-fitting skin films, which are also suitable for direct freezing, prevent drip-loss and fix the fish firmly in its packaging. This allows the product to be presented at the POS, even vertically.

The gloss that characterises all films in the WENTOPRO SkinTight range enhances the appearance of the packaged product. The innovative UHT films improve the taste, colour retention and smell of the goods, as a long-standing customer confirmed.

Less food waste, more resource conservation

Thanks to the optimal microbiological processes taking place inside the packaging, the skin films improve the shelf life of the packaged product and thus contribute to reducing food waste. The performance and thin materials reduce the overall use of plastics and thus enable a more resource-saving packaging process. In the WENTOPRO SkinTight 20 UHT-M variant, the film is also adapted to seal bottom webs or trays made of mono-PET or -PP and supports the use of more recyclable packaging components.