Visualisation, monitoring and management of confectionery plant utilities

Mitsubishi Electric’s portfolio of energy saving and measurement units have helped a Japan-based confectioner reduce their utility costs

After introducing Mitsubishi Electric’s energy saving data collection server EcoWebServerIII, Famiel Confectionery has implemented energy management and demand monitoring at its head factory. In addition to allowing Famiel to lower the contracted power supply level, the expansion of energy saving activities through real time visualisation of electricity, gas, and water consumption led to a reduction of the overall utility costs of about 10 million yen over five years.

Founded in 1976 as a commercial frozen cake manufacturer based in Yokohama, Japan, Famiel Confectionery manufactures and sells cakes and other western confectionery. In addition to cakes sold under its own brand, the company makes a variety of frozen cakes at its factory and sells them to hotels and restaurants nationwide in Japan. In 2017, the company moved to Yokosuka, a city within the same Kanagawa Prefecture, where the current headquarter factory is located and became the hub of its business expansion.

“The three ovens in our factory account for about a quarter of the overall electricity we use. Power consumption reaches its peak when these ovens are all turned on, and our contract power is determined based on this peak,” said Hideyuki Moriya, general manager of the production department. Therefore, since 2015, the company has been working on visualising power consumption by installing Mitsubishi Electric’s EcoMonitor energy measurement units on ovens and other key equipment.

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