Visualead to Enable Patented Variable Visual and Secure Code Reading Technology in AVT Print Quality Assurance Solutions

Visualead to showcase variable visual and secure code technology integrated in AVT offerings at the drupa exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany, through June 10

HERZLIYA, Israel and SHANGHAI, China – Visualead, an Israeli software company specializing in QR code-driven IoT (Internet of Things) enablement, today announced that it has integrated its patented variable visual and secure code technology in AVT applications, which are currently being demonstrated at the drupa printing equipment exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany.

AVT (Advanced Vision Technology) is a leading provider of print process control, quality assurance, and press control solutions for the packaging, labels and commercial print industries.

The company’s integrated solutions are designed to enhance print quality via automatic online and offline inspection, and sophisticated color measurement and control, synchronized with other vision-centric press controls. To make its offerings more functionally comprehensive, AVT has chosen to embed Visualead technology in its print scanning and inspection solutions, enabling them to reliably detect and read Visualead’s variable visual codes and its secure codes.

Visualead has literally “reimagined” QR codes by combining it with visual and security layers for a range of applications.  The company’s variable Visual QR Code – also known as [v]code – is able to transform any desired image into highly appealing and effective QR codes.  Visualead enables user scenarios from private to social; from track and trace, product authentication and anti-counterfeit to marketing and payments; from customer acquisition to channel management; and both online to offline experiences, with a complete product suite from code generation, configuration and inspection to engagement. 

“Implementing Visualead’s state-of-the-art technology in our portfolio will enable AVT solutions to detect and reliably read standard QR codes, as well as Visualead’s patented [v]code and [v]code+, its proprietary dotless codes”, explains AVT Label Marketing Manager, Aviram Vardi. “We’re looking forward to becoming part of Visualead’s unparalleled secure product authentication solution and to demonstrating some of the AVT applications already featuring Visualead technology at the upcoming Drupa exhibition in Germany later this month”.

“We expect this integration to not only help address our customers’ current needs, but also enable us to develop and introduce new QR-enabled solutions in our target markets at an accelerated pace” adds Nevo Alva, Visualead co-founder and CEO. “No less importantly, AVT’s inspection capabilities will become a cornerstone of Visualead’s secure product authentication solution, and will enable inspection of codes and holograms for accuracy and quality assurance purposes.”  Mr. Alva sums up: “This collaboration will ultimately help us further solidify our portfolio as a truly end-to-end, premium yet cost effective suite – one capable of handling anything from batch QR code production, through management and authenticity verification, and all the way to analytics.”