Videojet adds Videojet 1280 to CIJ range

Videojet Technologies has launched its new Videojet 1280 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer. As the latest printer to the Videojet CIJ range, Videojet 1280 is designed with two key focuses – reliability and simplicity.

The Videojet 1280 incorporates the Videojet printhead and fluid system technology, which can provide performance and reliability across a broad range of operating conditions, including variable volumes and production runs. The 1280 can remain unused for up to 14 days and can still provide print quality on start-up without the need for additional printer intervention.

Engineered to help reduce unplanned printer downtime, the 1280 features Videojet Dynamic Calibration. The printer monitors environmental conditions and automatically adjusts jetting parameters to help maintain print quality and maximise uptime. The 1280 is also available with the Positive Air printhead option that requires no plant air and allows for long runs between printhead cleaning.

If an issue occurs, operators can recover with videos that guides them through basic tasks. In addition, optional VideojetConnect Remote Service offers remote servicing capabilities at the touch of a button. Operations can gain access to the CIJ team, connecting Videojet technicians directly to the production line for immediate assistance. This virtual access can help manufacturers recover quicker, and deliver increased uptime, while minimising the need for in-house maintenance.

The 1280 also comes with the Videojet Simplicity interface, which is an 8-inch touchscreen display that is designed to reduce operator printer interactions to help eliminate potential user errors. This Code Assurance capability allows manufacturers to manage their daily CIJ operations. Manufacturers can then focus their primary tasks of running the production line, knowing that the Videojet 1280 will continue to put quality codes on their products with minimal operator interaction.

Mithun Ramachandran, CIJ business unit manager for Videojet Technologies, explained: “The Simplicity interface greatly reduces operator printer interactions to help eliminate potential user errors through an intuitive, tablet-inspired 8-inch touchscreen interface. Combined with one, reliable and easy-to-replace Videojet SmartCell service module, the Videojet 1280 CIJ printer delivers reliability and easy usability.”