Using Erca FFS Machine, IMA Works with Customer to Develop Unique 125g Yogurt Cup

Specialised materials, design and shaping developed for cups of Triballat-Noyal’s organic brand of yogurt made possible by IMA’s Erca EF 320L Form-Fill-Seal Machine

EDISON, NJ – IMA Dairy & Food USA worked closely with its customer, Triballat-Noyal dairy company of France, to develop a unique 125g cup for its organic yogurt brand Vrai.  The cup is comprised of environmentally efficient polystyrene (PS) foil.

The cup features an innovative curvilinear square bottom, which makes it easier to spoon out the yogurt.  IMA Erca worked closely with Triballat-Noyal to create a modern design for the cup that would draw consumer attention amid increasingly cluttered organic yogurt shelf space.  The collaboration was a successful one: Upon introduction of the new packaging, the brand saw a significant spike in market share.

For this product re-launch, Triballat utilised an IMA Erca EF 320L Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) Machine, which represented an increase in production capabilities from previous FFS equipment – a move that mirrored the dairy’s heightened goals in the organic segment.

The EF 320L FFS Machine can process upwards of 20,000 cups per hour at 18 to 30 cycles per minute, and has a maximum forming depth of 100mm. It is available in clean, ultra-clean and aseptic formats.  Triballat is using the FFS machine for ultra-clean hygienic operations, which incorporates a Class 10 laminar flow system or tunnel suitable for sanitisation, a Class 100 laminar flow system over the lidding foil zone and machine inlet, an UVC area for lidding foil and a bacteriological filter for the forming air.

IMA Erca’s EF Series of form-fill-seal machines are designed to fill a wide range of pasty-to-liquid products at different outputs and hygiene levels – including aseptic filling – efficiently and at high capacity.  More than 2,000 FFS machines have been delivered to many of the world’s leading dairy and food manufacturers, amounting to billions of cups formed, filled and sealed by EF thermoforming machines on a daily basis.