USA Cheese Guild brings US cheeses to FHA-Food & Beverage to enhance presence in region

With a wide variety of cheese under its belt, the USA Ceese Guild seeks to deliver its varieties to South East Asia

The USA Cheese Guild will feature ten domestic cheese producers at the upcoming FHA–Food & Beverage in Singapore from 25-28 Apr 2023. The Guild seeks to build bridges and change perceptions in South East Asia by delivering US cheese varieties.

Visitors can taste a range of USA Cheeses, from outstanding handmade artisan to renowned varieties. Chef Imran, the USA Cheese Guild cheese specialist certification programme instructor and chef consultant, will also perform culinary demonstrations. These tastings will be held daily, at 11am and 2pm at the USA Cheese Guild pavilion.

In an aim to increase exports to South East Asia, the USA Cheese Guild presents ten cheesemakers who offer a wide range of export-ready cheese varieties. For hundreds of years, U.S. cheesemakers have been quietly building a heritage of excellence from farm to plate, drawing on a melting pot of cultures to deliver craftsmanship, innovation, variety and versatility that can complement any global cuisine. With continued award recognition and increased distribution, markets around the globe are discovering the quality and exceptional taste of USA Cheeses.

As the world’s largest cheese producer and exporter, the United States has a proud tradition of artisanal cheesemaking that draws from diverse cultural influences. Cheesemakers in the US have experience making over 1,000 unique cheese varieties, ranging from soft, semi-soft and fresh options to hard and aged varieties. 

USA Cheese is renowned for its value and versatility, with a wide range of flavour profiles and culinary applications. US cheese varieties can satisfy even the most adventurous palates that require the highest quality, flavour, and authenticity, whether enjoyed alone or as a key ingredient in innovative cuisines.

The USA Cheese Guild continues to work with cheesemakers to bring a range of US cheeses to South East Asia and aims to enhance awareness, inspire new culinary creations, and promote cross-cultural exchange by showcasing its cheeses to the region.