Trend-setting PET concepts: KHS focuses on circular economy at the K Show

  • New PET bottle combines relevant sustainability aspects
  • Practical line solutions contribute to environmental protection
  • KHS looks toward positive business development


KHS presents a new PET concept at the K Show based on the juice bottle as an example. It combines individual environmentally friendly packaging solutions in one container and thereby supports the theory of circular economy. The system provider shows how efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand by offering further line-compatible container solutions in addition to its Bottles & ShapesTM service offering. With these technologies, KHS provides its customers support in the conversion to an environmentally friendly and resource-conserving packaging portfolio.

The defining theme of the K Show in Düsseldorf in October will be how to combine process efficiency and sustainability. Kai Acker, CEO of KHS, emphasizes the continuously growing demand in the food and beverage industry for packaging solutions that support efficient production processes and at the same time contribute to the protection of the environment while maintaining a high level of product protection. “We already offer forward-looking concepts today. Our extensive PET portfolio covers the entire value chain, ranging from innovative bottle design to energy and resource-efficient production processes.” As a system provider, KHS always has its finger on the pulse of the times with its topics, asserts Acker. “We provide support for conversion to environmentally friendly and resource-conserving types of packaging. Our portfolio offers concrete solutions for further promoting the concept of sustainability.” With its innovative products and services Acker therefore sees KHS well positioned for the current financial year. “Against the backdrop of the company group’s overall positive business development for KHS during the first half of this year, we are focusing on consistently developing our products, processes and solutions.”

Trade show exhibit centers on the new bottle concept

With this in mind, a new PET bottle was developed, which will be presented for the first time at the K Show. The company combines various disciplines of its extensive know-how to create a unique container unparalleled to date. With this concept, KHS is consistently pursuing its strategy of reduction, recycling and reuse and for this purpose has concluded a partnership with an environmental service provider.

Compared to conventional PET containers, the system provider’s new approach ensures a high level of product protection and a longer shelf life, in particular for sensitive beverages. Moreover, these bottles are completely recyclable and conserve on additional resources. “Our goal was to design a container with the smallest possible ecological footprint and we are consistently developing the circular economy approach further on this basis,” says Acker.

Holistic line concept

The fact that system provider KHS at the same time designs the entire process chain efficiently and sustainably is also demonstrated by its line solutions for PET processing. These systems are not only able to effectively process recycled plastic, they are also hallmarked by energy and resource efficiency – from the stretch blow molder to palletizer.

With the Bottles & ShapesTM program, KHS is also furthering its developments along the entire production chain. Not only the initial ideas, drawings and 3D animations are developed for the desired bottle, but also prototypes, individual sample bottles and durable blow molds. Here again, reducing the use of materials and thus protecting the environment in cooperation with the customer is one of the company’s central aims.