TNA supports Kingsway Confectionery with integrated packaging solutions; capacity increased by 50%

As a contract confectionery packing company, Kingsway Confectionery required a packaging solution for a wide range of products

Kingsway Confectionery, which specialises in packaging retail-ready products, has strengthened its manufacturing capabilities through another partnership with TNA solutions. In its latest facility upgrade, TNA’s integrated packaging solution has enabled the company to increase its production capacity by 50%, thus meeting the demands of its expanding customer base.

Featuring the latest, Australian-made technology, TNA offers swift changeovers, product flexibility, easy maintenance and cleaning, and significant speed performance. Its customer support service also ensures high production uptime, keeping Kingsway Confectionery’s customers happy.

Supporting growth with speed and flexibility

To remain competitive in the confectionery market, Kingsway Confectionery recognised the need for machinery that could enhance performance and speed. Seeking a solution that could support a wide range of bag sizes, cater to its diverse customer base, and provide a strong return on investment, Kingsway Confectionery integrated a third tna robag vertical form, fill and seal (VFFS) packaging system into its production line.

The robag is renowned for its performance, which offers speed and flexibility. It empowered Kingsway Confectionery to efficiently package any type of snack or food application.

Raymond Wicks, general manager of Kingsway Confectionery, attested to the impact of the integration: “Adding a third robag machine increased our capacity by 50%. We went from 40-59bpm to 80-100bpm for bag sizes spanning anywhere from 30-400g.”

In addition to improving speed and efficiency, the tna robag was also integrated with the tna intelli-weigh alpha to deliver a simple and accurate weighing solution that enhances flexibility for rapid product changeovers. This enabled Kingsway Confectionery to scale production capacity and meet the evolving needs of its customers without disruptions.

Keeping uptime high with timely maintenance 

Beyond enhanced packaging capabilities, Kingsway Confectionery also highlighted the importance of timely technical support and readily available spare parts. TNA’s global presence and commitment to customer support ensured that Kingsway Confectionery could resolve any challenges efficiently. TNA’s technical support team, coupled with the availability of necessary parts, enabled Kingsway Confectionery to minimise downtime and maintain smooth operation. The proximity of TNA’s factory in Melbourne also facilitated access to spare parts, streamlining maintenance and support.

Wicks expressed his satisfaction with TNA’s support, stating: “Over the last 14 years, we wouldn’t have had a machine down for longer than a day due to TNA’s team helping us.”