ThinkTop V70 upgrade offers 71% savings in water cost

Save 71% in water costs by upgrading one valve control top out of every four

Manufacturers aim to boost yield, secure hygienic safety, reduce operating costs and achieve their sustainability goals. Good news is, no matter what industry or the challenge, Alfa Laval’s experts can come up with an innovative, fit-for-purpose solution for their customers.

For instance, Alfa Laval Fluid Handling Application & Innovation Centre determined the best way to reduce water costs when cleaning mixproof valves for a leading global brewery.

Test results – more than 71% in water savings

The experts at Alfa Laval’s Application & Innovation Centre investigated a sound upgrading strategy for the brewery and has found out that upgrading all valve control tops on a mixproof valve cluster is not always the optimal approach to raising process performance, especially for industries with less frequent cleaning requirements.

By testing three scenarios using a set-up identical to the brewery’s own, it was revealed that upgrading one out of every four valve control tops instead of upgrading them all is the optimal solution.

“A total upgrade is not always the best approach. Sometimes a little ingenuity goes a long way,” said Mario Kurilic, technical sales manager of Food & Water at Alfa Laval. “Using one ThinkTop V70 to control four valve actuators delivered 71% in water savings and required less investment than changing all the control tops.”

Faster valve cleaning, faster payback time

ThinkTop V70 with burst seat cleaning functionality effectively cleans the valve seat much faster and uses less water than the brewery’s current cleaning system.

This makes it possible to realise payback in less than a year, depending on the cleaning requirements, frequency and cost structure.