Thermo Fisher Scientific launches new deployment model to optimise LIMS implementation on AWS

Thermo Fisher’s cloud services enable easy and secure cloud deployment of Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS software.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has expanded deployment options for SampleManager LIMS software, offering laboratories end-to-end support of the software deployment in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Under the agreement, Thermo Fisher will manage the entire deployment process from installation and maintenance to backup and recovery. As a result, laboratories will be able to reduce financial and human resource investment associated with setting-up, running and maintaining traditional on-premises deployments or deployments to their own cloud hosting service.

Laboratories will also be able to retain control over the software upgrades and validation schedule, while taking advantage of unlimited and secure access to data from anywhere at any time, which will drive well-informed decision making and easier cross collaboration. Furthermore, AWS Cloud deployment will enable scalability, with the LIMS expanding to meet evolving business needs.

Richard Milne, vice-president and general manager of digital science for Thermo Fisher Scientific, commented: “Life science and industrial laboratories are increasingly adopting a cloud-first approach to enterprise-wide LIMS implementation. However, managing deployments to a laboratory’s own cloud hosting service can be a costly and resource-intensive process. We have developed the new cloud services to alleviate this burden, and enable SampleManager LIMS software customers to use the system’s functionality and integration capabilities without having to invest significant resources into the setup and ongoing management of a cloud environment.”

The Cloud Services offering has been designed to provide optimum data security and protection. In addition to the security features available through AWS Cloud deployments, Thermo Fisher also implements its own Corporate Information Security (CIS) programme, which outlines additional measures in line with security-by-design principles to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of data.