“The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” Visits Singapore

Representatives of the meat industry from the European Union are here to visit Singapore as part of an information and promotion campaign titled “The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” to present the unique value of pork, beef and their products that are produced on the Old Continent. The main destination for the EU delegation will be the prestigious Food & Hotel Asia 2016 (FHA 2016) trade exhibition during which the organisers of the campaign will participate as exhibitors. The presence of the campaign at the Food & Hotel Asia 2016 was preceded by a Congress meeting and a formal lunch, held in the Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel on 11 April – one day before the opening of the exhibition.

Food & Beverage Asia was invited to attend the Congress, which opened with a speech from the Ambassador of the Polish Republic in Singapore, Zenon Kosiniak-Kamysz. Guests were also welcomed by the President of the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI), Wiesław Różański. After that, Ms Agnieszka Różańska – the Managing Director of UPEMI – presented the guests with the most important assumptions of “The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” campaign.

After Director Różańska’s presentation there was a screening of a promotional film which was created for the campaign, demonstrating the methods and traditions connected with the production and export of European pork, beef and their products. During the screening of the film, guests of the congress had the opportunity to see how the process of meat production in the EU plants looked like and find out about the current state of the existing trading relations with the target countries of the campaign.

After the show, the Deputy Director of the Department of Agricultural Markets in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dariusz Goszczyński, gave a presentation concerning potential export of the Polish agri-food industry, and Rafaelle Quarto, the Head of the Economic and Trade Section at the Delegation of the European Union to Singapore provided the guests with a closer look at the issue of trade relations between the European Union and Singapore. The next presentation focussed on quality and production standards of the European pork and beef. Justyna Niemczuk – the expert in the UE meat industry market – shared her knowledge on that topic. The last presentation by Tomasz Tarczyński, who is an expert in the EU meat sector, reviewed the quality and tradition for the production of European sausage products.

After all the presentations, the participants of the congress posed questions to the panel. One participant asked about the competitive edge of the European meat products, to which the panel answered that a strong differentiating factor would be that “the products do not contain chemicals and growth hormones”. Participants later had the chance to try the various meat products which were displayed at the lunch spread.