“The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” Features at FHA2016

Display of cured meats at the Congress meeting held on 11 April 2016 

Food & Hotel Asia is one of the five events in which organisers and experts of the campaign “The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” will participate. It will be possible to meet representatives of the European meat industry and the organisers of the campaign at the exhibition stand No. 9W3-07.

During four days of the exhibition, many activities will be organised at the modern and spacious exhibition stand thanks to which visitors will be able to acquire a lot of information on standards and tradition of production of meat in the European Union, to make oneself acquainted with the high quality, European products, as well as to obtain more information about possibilities of importing European pork, beef and their products to Singapore.

The visitors will have access to useful and interesting information on the value and high standards for the production of beef, pork and their products and on possibilities of trading in that respect. The organisers of the campaign will be pleased to speak more about the assumptions of the campaign and the planned activities. The visitors who come to the stand will also have an opportunity to try European pork and beef specialities during sampling and tasting. Information and promotion materials, which contain the most essential knowledge about meat from the European Union and about the campaign itself, will be available for visitors at the stand.

To enhance the business role of “The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” campaign during the Food and Hotel Asia 2016 exhibition, B2B meetings will be held with European business experts for those Singaporean entrepreneurs who are interested in the European meat sector. Contacts made during direct conversations will have a chance to translate into a real increase in the import of European pork, beef and their products to Singapore.

Food and Hotel Asia 2016 is one of the five fair events at which “The taste of quality and tradition directly from Europe” will be present. Apart from Singapore, the campaign is carrying out many activities in NewZealand, the Republic of South Africa, Kazakhstan and Taiwan. The campaign has been prepared by the Consortium of the Union of Producers and Employers of Meat Industry (UPEMI) and the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders (PABCB). It started on 21 July 2015 and it will last for two years. It focuses on refrigerated or frozen beef, pork and their products which come from the European Union. The campaign is financed with support from the European Union funds, the state budget of the Republic of Poland and with support of the Beef Promotion Fund and the Pork Promotion Fund.

Conduction of information and promotion campaign is the key activity necessary for “entering” and making oneself present on the international market of meat and meat products. Promotion policy in the European Union, introduced several years ago by the European Commission, is aimed at helping business entities from the agri-food sector conquer new, international markets and strengthen their position on those markets, it’s also aimed at raising consumers’ awareness about the quality of our products. Without a doubt, promotion is one of the most important instruments for building position and image of food products in relation to the policy of the EU and Poland, but also for producers and specific brands and it has to be an integral part of strategy for developing exports on every single level – Wiesław Różański, the President of UPEMI confirms.

To find out more about the European pork, beef and their products and about possibilities of economic cooperation in that respect, please visit: