The state of conveying in 2023

A newly released report details the current state of conveying systems in the food and beverage industry, providing processors with critical data to make informed decisions

By Del Williams, writer

To provide food processors with insight into the industry’s current challenges and opportunities, Cablevey Conveyors and Automated Handling Solutions, a service-focused subsidiary of Cablevey, have released results from an annual proprietary survey conducted among food processing companies.

The report, The Food and Beverage Industry 2023 State of Conveying, highlights the latest market trends as well as top concerns and objectives related to conveying systems. The findings reveal the predominant obstacles now facing the industry, along with the promise of innovative conveyor automation and product testing options that can optimise both production and future purchases.

Updated data to make the best decisions

In modern food processing plants, the art of conveying foods has evolved into a finely tuned process that prioritises efficiency, hygiene, and safety. For processors, the report now provides trend analysis and new findings not only about the industry but also about how organisations are specifically conveying food products in their facilities.

“As food processing continually embraces innovation, industry professionals are committed to making the best decisions possible for their specific conveying needs. To make those decisions, the industry needs data. This report builds on the data and findings from 2022 to provide food processors with the new and updated data they need to make the best decisions moving forward,” said Brad Sterner, Cablevey CEO. 

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