The role of ingredients in the future of the industry

To understand how we can feed and nourish the planet and her people, Agatha Wong speaks with Frank Jaksch, CEO of Ayana Bio, to understand how ingredients play a crucial role in shaping the food and beverage industry.

Frank Jaksch is the CEO of Ayana Bio

On 28 Sep 2022, the United States White House held a conference on hunger, nutrition and health, citing a goal to “end hunger and increase healthy eating and physical activity by 2030”. The national strategy published in conjunction set out five pillars for meeting that objective: improving food access and affordability; integrating nutrition and health; empowering all consumers to make and have access to healthy choices; supporting physical activity for all; and enhancing nutrition and food security research.

This initiative by the White House brings to the fore a vital issue concerning both consumers and producers — the call for healthier and more affordable and accessible food products. This is in light of significant statistics of hunger across countries around the world, and concerning figures of health issues brought on by poor dietary habits. And while CPGs such as Unilever and Kellogg’s have made pledges towards this effort, it remains to be seen whether tangible results can be yielded from their commitments.

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