The Plantbaser wins technology innovation award at Plant Based World Expo

The Plantbaser allows companies to move from the ideas stage to the finished product in just two weeks

The Plantbaser has been awarded the technology innovation award at Plant Based World Expo, held from 15-16 Nov. The company, headquartered in Ahrensburg, Germany, develops and produces custom system solutions for plant-based alternatives to meat, sausage, and fish products, as well as cheese, dairy products, and deli foods.

“Two and half years of hard work paid off. It’s a great feeling to be rewarded this way,” says Florian Bark, product manager of Plantbaser. “Our Plantbaser digital product configurator amazed visitors at the Plant Based World Expo in New York.”

With the Plantbaser, companies can move from ideas to finished product in just two weeks. Users can put together their desired product in 15 to 20 minutes, with no dedicated plant-based knowledge needed. Test samples are ready to taste two weeks later. With over 1300 recipes, the Plantbaser offers one of the world’s largest selection of plant-based products in multiple categories, from milk and cheese alternatives to deli foods to meat and fish.

“Visitors were very interested and tried out configurating right at the booth,” said Bark.

Planteneers has left a significant impact at the show, extending beyond its digital tools – its five products made it to the finals. In the meat alternatives category, the chicken breast was received a “Recommended” recognition. In the plant protein category, Planteneers was shortlisted with its steak filet. Its other finalists were plant-based alternatives to parmesan, salmon filet, and salami sticks.

“We’re very proud of this outcome, and we’re looking forward to the coming Plant Based World Expo in London in mid-Nov,” noted Bark.