The nutra meets pharma initiative

In a move to tap into the pharmaceutical market with its leading branded ingredients, Julia Diaz, head of marketing at Pharmactive shares what this move means to Pharmactive Biotech, S.L. and more about the company’s validated saffron extract, affron®, which can be used as stand-alone or to enhance pharmaceutical products.

Pharmactive’s affron saffron is grown in the company’s private fields in Spain

Pharmactive Biotech, S.L., is tapping into the pharmaceutical market with its leading branded ingredients, such as affron® saffron extract, to support mental health. The company has appointed Paul Clayton, PhD as chair of its scientific advisory board. Together with Pharmactive’s medical advisor, Carlos Galmarini, MD, PhD, they will lead this strategic move for Pharmactive.

“Including high-level medical and natural science experts on the advisory board enables the company to combine and reconciliate the two worlds of pharma and nutraceuticals, to benefit both consumers and medical practitioners and will help the pharmaceutical business provide greater value to their patrons,” said Jean-Marie Raymond, CEO of Pharmactive, in a press release.

“This means a better and increased approach to the pharma business; being able to offer a natural solution with demonstrated effects and of high-tolerance in combination with antidepressants,” explained Julia Diaz, head of marketing at Pharmactive.

What is affron®?

Saffron bares a deep-rooted history as traditional natural agents that can relieve occasional anxiety and promote rest. For Pharmactive, its affron saffron is grown in the company’s private fields in Spain.

“Our extractions are 100% natural and the ingredient is standardised by HPLC technology to ensure the highest purity and endorsed by strong clinical science,” said Diaz. “Our company oversees the entire supply channel. We work closely with our farmers and set in place a robust quality control system. We have acquired a number of quality seals including organic certification to ensure that it is in line with our customers’ values for quality and traceability of naturally sourced ingredients.”

In addition, Pharmactive’s affron® is a highly-awarded ingredient (six times) and is recognised as the best saffron ingredient by The Frost & Sullivan entity as well as ABG10+.

Continue reading here. Published in Food & Beverage Asia June/July 2021 Issue.