The Kissabel season kicks off with the orange and yellow varieties

The European partners of the Ifored project have started to market the pink-flesh apples of 2020, and Kissabel will go on sale this October.

The new European Kissabel apple season has begun. The project partners in the UK, France and Switzerland started harvesting two coloured-flesh varieties – Kissabel Orange and Kissabel Yellow. The first variety features skin with an orange or pink pigmentation, intense pink flesh, and a strong flavoured, refreshing taste; while the second has a yellow skin, pink flesh, and a balanced flavour.

With regards to the new season, the figures for the Ifored project’s partners are “largely positive”, both in terms of quality and interest from customers and consumers.

In the UK, the main feature of the new Kissabel apples will be their increased sweeteness. Anna Coxe, head of technical and quality at Greenyard, reported the harvest started in mid-September, and their orange and yellow Kissabel varieties showed a “very good pigmentation and a consistent internal colour”, with a sweet, almost berry-type flavour.

And in France, the apples’ quality showed continuity from last year, said Marc Peyres, export sales manager at Blue Whale. He elaborated: “Kissabel are the first red-flesh apples sold in quantity with success – it’s a completely new thing, and we are very happy to be part of the project.”

After the Kissabel Orange harvest in September, the first Kissabel Red apples will arrive in Europe in October: red inside and outside, with an intense flavour and notes of red fruit, mainly grown in Italy and Germany.

Kissabel is the brand that identifies the different varieties of coloured-flesh apple – from pink to intense red – developed by the Ifored project, an international partnership involving 14 apple companies.