The GrowHub ushers in new frontier

With the rise of Web3-enabled technologies and blockchain, producers can look towards a new, digital future for proving their source of their products and secure their reputations.

By Agatha Wong

For many years, the issue of traceability in the food and beverage industry has been of concern to both consumers and producers. As an increasingly well-educated population with growing purchasing power develops, so have the need for understanding and locating a product’s origins. This is in light of competing issues such as food fraud and sustainability, which can affect brand perception and reputation.

With the rise of technology such as blockchain, producers have yet another method of traceable goods to consumers. A departure from traditional tracing methodologies such as ERP and MES software, and serialisation equipment, blockchain ensures that individuals can monitor the chain of custody and the journey of an asset in real-time.

As Asia-Pacific’s only Web3-enabled technology plug-and-play ecosystem builder, The GrowHub is seeking to transform the current food system in the region with these transformative technologies. Via its public blockchain technology, the company aims to deliver transparent traceability methods for producers, changing the way food producers have been thinking about accountability and consumer experience.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s October/November 2022 issue here.