The future of indulgence: Shifting attitudes to life are impacting the way consumers indulge

Consumers’ changing attitudes to life are affecting the way they indulge. Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut’s recent trend research shows how changing attitudes to life were impacted by Covid, and how this has accelerated already emerging attitudes. Consumers are shifting between different attitudes, and as they do, they also look for different types of indulgence.

Barry Callebaut’s survey on consumer attitudes towards indulgence and chocolate consumption was fielded digitally in August 2021 in Brazil, China, the UK, the US and France with 420 respondents per country. Barry Callebaut also analysed data from other consumer surveys, especially from global trend agency Foresight Factory. They conduct yearly in-depth analysis in 27 markets into consumer needs, motivations, expectations and behaviours to create mega trends, consumer trends and sector trends. Below are the main insights from Barry Callebaut’s “The Future of Indulgence Report” (2022).

Merging attitudes

For many years, consumer research from Barry Callebaut showed two attitudes toward life: one of “Celebrating Life” and the other of “Living Consciously”. In the past, these two attitudes were typically experienced separately. Recently however, the chocolate manufacturer has seen these attitudes merging. By exploring this, they have discovered a growing need for “Living a Symbiotic Life”. This results in three types of coexisting indulgence. Depending on their mood or mindset, consumers have a specific attitude towards life and that attitude will determine the type of indulgence they choose.

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