The conveying systems transforming the food industry

Conveyors form an integral part of ensuring that products are transported smoothly efficiently.

Food processing has become highly automated and the equipment used increasingly sophisticated. Industry leading conveying solutions have transformed the food processing industry and are at the heart of any truly efficient production line.

Modern conveying systems are now designed with a range of different technologies to help move the product through the processing line and connect all the critical process points. Each of these technologies has specific characteristics which are purposefully designed: to ensure gentle, efficient transport of product and keep the production line running smoothly.

Horizontal motion conveyors and feeders

Horizontal motion conveyors have emerged over traditional vibratory/shaker conveyors and now account for most of the non-processing sanitary conveyors used in French fry and potato chip applications.

The FastBack range has become one of the industry’s leading solutions for processors aiming to achieve faster product travel rates and maximised product distribution efficiency.

The innovative series of product handling solutions from Heat and Control includes the FastBack modular drive technology, which was designed by a NASA engineer and includes a variety of feeding, proportioning and laning conveyor solutions.

The full article can be found on Food & Beverage Asia’s October/November 2022 issue.