TH true MILK brings healthy innovation to dairy shelves with SIG’s drinksplus technology

With SIG’s drinksplus technology, TH true MILK has launched a healthy snack drink (Image: TH true MILK)

With SIG’s proven drinksplus technology, TH true MILK has launched a healthy snack drink to dairy shelves across Vietnam. TH true MILK LIGHT MEAL is a combination of pure milk and plant-based ingredients including granular oats, walnuts and macadamia nuts.

During the pandemic, consumers in Vietnam sought healthier beverages and products with added value. SIG’s drinksplus technology enabled TH true MILK to combine pure milk with cereal grains, and walnut and macadamia nut paste, resulting in a snack drink that is ideal for consumers who prefer a nutritious and light snack drink instead of a full meal.

The drink is a first for Vietnam, as it is the only UHT snack drink in the country made from pure milk and cereal particulates. Available from supermarkets throughout Vietnam, the new snack drink has garnered the attention of the Prime Minister of Vietnam at the recent 31st National Diplomatic Conference. He showed interest and gave positive feedback on TH’s product, highlighting the its benefits for community health. Other TH pure and clean products have also been served at big events of the Vietnam Foreign Department.

SIG’s drinksplus technology has opened the door for more new products and categories, which can be realised quickly and cost-effectively using SIG’s standard filling machines for beverages. TH true MILK can continue to innovate and meet the demands of the increasingly flexitarian consumer.

Kha Vo, marketing and business development manager at SIG Vietnam, said: “TH true MILK has placed its trust in our drinksplus technology and working together with our team has been able to launch a brand-new snack drink in Vietnam. We have been conducting filling tests at SIG’s Tech Centre in Suzhou to ensure a successful product launch and are excited to see this first drinksplus product from our customer already selling well in Vietnam.”

Once upgraded with an easy-to-install drinksplus upgrade kit, products using drinksplus technology from SIG can contain up to 10% particulate content, and be filled in aseptic carton packs on standard SIG filling machines. The bits can be up to 6mm in length and width and the complementing drinking straws are up to 8mm in diameter.