Tate & Lyle Wins 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award for the Food & Beverage Industry

Shanghai— August 26, 2016— Tate & Lyle, a global provider of ingredients and solutions to the food and beverage industries, has been named winner of the prestigious ‘2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award – Food & Beverage Industry’ for its innovative PromOat® Oat Powder. The result, announced on August 25 in Guangzhou, China, was decided by an independent panel of judges consisting of experts from industry associations and academic institutions. This award is granted to the innovative technology and products from food and beverage enterprises in order to honor their outstanding contribution to the development of the food and beverage industry in China.

The 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards Ceremony in Guangzhou, China

Tate & Lyle’s PromOat® Oat Powder emerged from numerous candidates and won the prize due to its unique process technology and health benefits. The award-winning product underlines the company’s industry-leading innovation capabilities in the food and beverage industries.

This latest accolade marks the fourth time that Tate & Lyle has won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in China, with the company previously winning for its sweetener and modified starches.

PromOat® Oat Powder is developed from non-genetically modified Swedish oats with no chemicals added during processing. It has a beta glucan content as high as 35%, helping to achieve daily dosages to meet health needs in various food applications. In addition, PromOat® Oat Powder has strong water-binding and emulsifying properties, which thickens and stabilizes creamy emulsions.  PromOat® is easy to incorporate into a variety of applications, including bakery products, beverages, supplements, meal replacements, soups and sauces. With excellent solubility, it is particularly easy to incorporate in various beverage applications without grittiness. 

With more than 50% of consumers globally looking to add more fibre to their diet, PromOat® Oat Powder offers a variety of benefits.  It helps maintain healthy blood cholesterol levels, which enables a heart-health claim in certain countries and promotes healthy glycemic response. PromOat® may contribute to weight management by providing a feeling of fullness after meals.

PromoOat® Oat Powder also imparts a clean taste, creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture, making it ideal for dressings, sauces and beverages.

‘We are delighted to be recognized again for this prestigious award,’ said Emerald Gao, Product Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific at Tate & Lyle. ‘Tate & Lyle is committed to developing innovative products that meet consumer demands across the Asia Pacific market. ‘PromOat® Oat Powder reflects our continued commitment to innovating new, functional ingredients that help food manufacturers make food extraordinary here in China and across the region.’