Tanis Food Tec: Creating the Best Customised Solutions for Your Products

Visit Tanis Food Tec (TFT) during the Prosweets to discover the possibilities for marshmallow and cake like products. In this year’s edition, TFT will be demonstrating two machines – a cable extruder and a colour skid. The reason for TFT to focus on marshmallow and sophisticated cake like items is the increasing demand in these product groups.

Last year, TFT has designed new product solutions that make your products better controllable in temperature and density. This has a great advantage, which makes it able to reduce the need of over dosing baking powders. It also enhances shelf life for fillings because of the new mixing pasteurised systems. TFT also booked great results in increasing capacity of cakes per hour. It is now possible to run your batter production up to 70.000 snacks or 5 tons per hour.

The process for cake lines can be as follows: After finalising the recipe, the individual ingredients are measured by weight and then mixed together in the TFT batch mixers.  They can have either a heat treatment or cooling process if necessary. After this process, the cake will be aerated, formed or deposit and ready for delivering for further processing like enrobing, packaging, etc.

Tanis Food Tec wants to show on Prosweets how users can benefit from TFT’s new customised solutions for their products:

  • TFT’s new generation extruded marshmallow lines; from ingredient mixing up to cleaned product which is ready for packaging

  • Kitchens for marshmallow production, depositing on biscuits or wafers with or without sandwiching

  • Innovative, customised snack lines (i.e., layer cakes and Swiss rolls)

  • Kitchens for cooking, vacuuming and cooling of jams for cake injection

  • Complete kitchens for pectin jelly production including in line colouring, flavouring and acidifying for depositing/ injecting or co- extrusion