Take Control of Motorised Linear Axes Intuitively Using a Web Browser

With the new dryve motor control, drylin e-axes can be easily operated via a web browser. (Source: igus GmbH)

Test the new motor control system from igus online

The motion plastics specialist igus has developed an intuitive and easy-to-operate control system with the name “dryve” for its maintenance-free drylin E linear axes. No software or app is needed to enter the data – everything is directly integrated on the motor control. The values can be entered or changed live in the web browser via a PC or mobile terminal devices such as tablets or smartphones. For those interested, igus offers an online simulation for trials and testing.

For years the motion plastics specialist igus has been offering lubricant-free linear axes with suitable stepper motors or DC motors within its drylin product range. Under the name “drylin E”, they are configured ready to install and are available in many installation sizes as a single axis or in gantry structures, such as in format adjustments or pick-and-place applications. For even easier control and usability of the axes, igus now offers users a motor control with a simple web interface. The desktop PC, the tablet or smartphone thus become a simple user interface.

Quickly set, easy to operate

“The start-up of a motor-driven axis together with the new control ‘dryve’ is possible in less than a minute,” explains Rene Erdmann, head of the drylin e-drive technology division at igus. “Afterwards, the values can be also changed or intermediate steps can be added easily via the web browser. The access can be protected by password, all data and programme steps are saved on the control system and can be stored externally as a parameter file”. The special advantage of dryve is its quick start-up, user-friendliness, low price and networking capability. The control system, which is connected to the motor of the axis, has been designed to save space and can easily be mounted in switch cabinets on a top-hat rail. This can then be connected via a WLAN router, whereupon the system can be controlled via a wireless device. The integrated web server does not require any further software on the operating devices, nor does it need additional storage media or the like. This means that users do not have to install or bear additional costs.

From single axis up to gantry

The new dryve motor control was implemented at the beginning of the 2016 Motek as a selection option in the online tool “drylin e-configurator drive technology”. In addition, however, the control can also be retrofitted in any existing drylin e-axis. One control is required per driven axis, which can be networked with additional ones via a master control. In this way, linear robots can also perform complex motion, for example a circular movement.

The user interface is currently available in German and English. Further language versions are in preparation. All further information as well as an online simulation of the control can be found at http://igus.de/dryve.