System Provides Seamless Traceability Including Via Smartphone

Consumers can now use a smartphone to easily access detailed product information at the point of sale for leading German meat and sausage manufacturer Wolf’s ranges of pre-packed products.

The IT solution from CSB-System enables Wolf to ensure seamless traceability throughout its operation from the initial receipt of raw materials to the final pack on-shelf.

Incoming raw materials receive a goods entry label that records detailed information, including item number and description, entry date, quantity, storage location, vendor and lot number.  In subsequent batch processing within the production process, this lot number is then captured by a mobile terminal device. From then on, the supply data of all processed raw materials are inextricably linked to their original production batches.  This means that finished goods can be clearly allocated to a particular production.

By allocating the raw material batches to the recipes stored in the CSB-System, and by seamlessly tracking the production batch throughout the manufacturing  process up to the final packaged product, traceability is ensured both downstream and upstream – at the push of a button vendors of the raw materials used as well as the end users can be identified.

In addition, as the materials pass through the process, the weigh labellers and labelling devices also receive this information, allowing the traceability data to be coded onto the packs as 2D barcodes.

This data is then transmitted to an internet platform – ‘”mynetfair” – from which consumers can quickly gather information on the particular product, simply by scanning or photographing its code with their smartphone or PC.