Syntegon Technology: Case packing with added assistance feature for maximum efficiency

The Syntegon Operator Assistance enables operators to carry out swift changeovers for maximum efficiency

Brand owners seek to stand out on supermarket shelves with bold colors, bright fonts, unusual shapes, and varying sizes, calling for the need for flexible packaging equipment that allows them to switch efficiently between formats. Recognising this demand, Syntegon Technology’s Elematic 3001 WAH case packer now comes with Syntegon Operator Assistance – a feature that allows for fast and error-free changeovers with varying degrees of automation. 

Automation level 1: Guided size changeover

During guided changeovers, the HMI and message-in-place-screens indicate which individual format parts need to be changed and which elematic click settings need to be adjusted. Operators receive step-by-step instructions on the message-in-place-screens located directly at the respective format points. To increase the visibility of due tasks, LEDs integrated in the screens indicate the location of each task.
Automation level 2: Verified size changeover

By opting for verified changeovers, manufacturers can include automatic verification of each setting and format part via RFID technology for traceability and error-free changeovers, avoiding production disruption and downtimes. Additionally, verified size changeovers can be combined with guided size changeovers for an automatic confirmation of each task, which further increases efficiency.
Automation level 3: Semi-automatic size changeover

Semi-automatic size changeovers allow for the highest level of automation in case packing; motorised format axes enable smooth and near-instant simultaneous adjustment of multiple changeover settings at once, so operators can process a variety of formats and sizes at the touch of a button on the HMI.