Syntegon presents eco-friendly packaging solutions for bakeries at IBIE

The Kliklok ACE carton erector creates paper trays without any adhesives by using the innovative lock-style technology

Visitors to the IBIE 2022 Baking Expo in Las Vegas can gain an overview on how bakery products are packed safely and sustainably at the Syntegon booth 325 from 18-21 Sep 2022.

With the Kliklok ACE carton erector, the Pack 202 horizontal form, fill and seal machine and the CBS-D band sealer, Syntegon present three machines that support bakery manufacturers in processing a wide range of different bakery products, such as cookies, cakes, donuts or bars, in a sustainable way.

“Visitors to the IBIE trade show will get an impression of the brands that come together as Syntegon: Doboy, Elematic, Kliklok, Osgood, Sigpack and Woodman. With our versatile portfolio, we offer solutions from standalone machines to complete packaging systems,” said Dave Wood, product sales manager at Syntegon.

Syntegon works towards continous improvement and addresses future-oriented topics such as sustainability in the bakery sector. Whether it is reducing material consumption, switching to alternative materials or modifying sealing processes – the company is gearing towards more eco-friendly packaging.

Product protection is sustainable

Sustainability endeavors not only protect the environment, but also the products. At the IBIE booth, Syntegon showcases three technologies that combine sustainability with product protection for sensitive foods. Visitors can take a closer look at the Kliklok ACE carton erector that uses the innovative lock-style technology to fold glue-free paper trays for cookies, and enables manufacturers to replace plastic with recyclable paper. Afterwards, the cookie trays are fed into the horizontal flow wrapper Pack 202 that packages them in pillow pouches made from mono-material films. Alternatively, manufacturers can opt for paper flow wraps by integrating the “paper-ON-form” retrofit kit into their existing form, fill and seal machines.

When it comes to sustainability, not only do alternative materials play an important role, but also new sealing technologies are crucial to making food packaging more environmentally friendly. At IBIE, Syntegon demonstrates how the CBS-D band sealer for vertical and horizontal formats creates tighter seals and thus effectively reduces material consumption. It also features PTFE-coated fiberglass sealing bands that ensure high-quality sealing and minimise machine wear and maintenance.

The processing and packaging experts continously rethink packaging and focus on research and development to make bakery production processes more sustainable. Besides technologies that reduce the amount of conventional plastic packaging, solutions such as the recently launched DCS discharge station for cookies, crackers and biscuits, also avoid product waste: thanks to its gentle handling using belt slides, manufacturers can prevent product breakage – and thus the waste of valuable resources.

Predictability through service agreements

Furthermore, continous improvement at Syntegon does not only apply to machine equipment, but also to innovations concerning services and digital solutions. The company now offers revised service agreements on different levels including services such as maintenance, spare parts management, remote service and training. The flexible packages enable fixed price support over predefined time periods and even encompasses Synexio, a cloud-based software solution for the acquisition and evaluation of machine and production data — an important benefit for creating efficient, sustainable and future-proof packaging processes.