Synergy Flavours launches new plant-based protein flavour range

Synergy Flavours has launched a new range of flavours for plant-based protein products. Designed for plant-protein bases, including pea, brown rice, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, the Paired to Perfection range comprises varieties of the core sports nutrition flavours of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate, as well as novel combinations, such as indulgent dessert-inspired, or coffee-based flavours like coffee caramel and café latte.

Utilising Synergy’s sensory and analytical resources, a team of flavour professionals have characterised the varied off notes present in plant-based proteins. Synergy’s team use this data to identify taste challenges which need masking, or in some cases, augmenting, allowing its teams to optimise the taste of their entire product with the addition of Synergy’s formulated flavour.

Chris Whiting, category manager at Synergy Flavours, commented: “Plant-based protein appeals to consumers who are looking to improve their health while at the same time embracing a more sustainable diet, especially as they take a more holistic approach to their health and well-being.

“All types of proteins can have taste challenges, making flavour and application expertise critical for success in the nutrition category. Synergy has drawn on many years’ experience in delivering taste performance in protein products to create this new range. Our flavour creation process ensures we deliver successful products for sports nutrition manufacturers, which offer more choice to consumers in this increasingly dynamic market.”

In addition to the re-engineered core flavours, Synergy has also created a range of trending flavours, which can be paired with plant proteins across powders, ready-to-drink beverages and bars.