Synergy Flavours launches 4PROTEIN flavour solution for whey protein beverages

Synergy Flavours has launched 4PROTEIN: a flavour solution that optimises the taste performance of whey protein products. Designed to make product formulation easier, it is declarable on-pack as a natural flavour and offers a range of texture and flavour benefits.

Flavouring dairy proteins can be a challenge. While the quality and taste profile has improved in recent years, many variables such as protein type, processing and batch to batch variance may still impact taste.

There is almost universal agreement among protein powder consumers that great taste is key. Synergy surveyed international core users of sports nutrition products to define their expectation of ‘great taste’. Creamy taste and consistency were discovered to be the most appealing taste characteristics, while problematic off-notes like mouth-drying, cardboard, bitterness and astringency continue to impact product appeal and remain a barrier to the nutrition category, according to a Synergy consumer study conducted in 2021.

Capturing these insights, Synergy’s product development process focused on achieving optimal taste performance for consumers, and a versatile, convenient and cost-effective solution for manufacturers. Product performance was validated by an in-house, expert sensory panel.

Through the addition of Synergy’s solution, manufacturers can create a natural, creamy taste and sweetness in their products, mask off-notes and improve mouthfeel in whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC), as well as delivering a richer, creamier taste and texture across different whey protein sources.

Chris Whiting, category manager at Synergy Flavours, commented: “Synergy’s 4PROTEIN range lifts the overall taste experience of whey protein products, making them more indulgent and premium. While flavour profiles and variants have improved significantly in recent years, the mainstream adoption of protein has created more discerning consumers and we’re all too aware of the main complaints of core users of sports nutrition products. Being part of the Carbery Group, a leading global whey protein supplier, means that Synergy is uniquely placed to develop flavour solutions for whey proteins. Whether you’re looking to build back creaminess to protein with lower fat levels, or create brand new, indulgent flavours, Synergy’s versatile 4PROTEIN flavour solutions will help you to elevate the taste experience for sports nutrition lovers.”

For more information about Synergy’s new 4PROTEIN range, visit Synergy Flavours’s website.