Symrise’s symlife taste balancing solutions bring great taste to good-for-you products

Bridging the taste gap between a healthy diet and consumer preferences.

Symrise has presented its symlife platform, the umbrella for its taste balancing solutions that help to create good-for-you products with enhanced taste. These solutions are designed for the specific needs of food and beverage manufacturers, enabling symlife to help create new and reformulated products that consumers desire.

Consumers consider taste as a key reason for choosing certain foods and beverages. At the same time, health has also become a top priority. Consumers, retailers and regulators have grown increasingly aware of the detrimental effects of high sugar, sodium, and fat intake. When manufacturers reduce these ingredients in their products, they can also achieve clean, authentic taste that make them appealing with the help of symlife solutions.

By optimising a product’s overall flavour profile, symlife allows manufacturers close the taste gap of products with reduced sugar, salt and fat content. Moreover, the symlife portfolio can help masking undesirable notes like bitterness or astringency while improving mouthfeel, juiciness and fruitiness, building umami or adding further sensations.

Meeting the taste expectations of consumers can pose certain challenges. Taste perception involves a complex process with multisensory interactions. Any change in the food or beverage matrix can result in a taste gap that will affect consumer appeal. The multi-facetted symlife toolbox can close this gap.

Leif Jago, global marketer at Symrise, commented: “Achieving great overall taste in sugar-reduced food and beverages can be complex. Our expertise in natural taste balancing helps manufacturers to develop low-sugar and low-calorie products that combine health benefits with great taste. This achieves the elusive goal of making appealing tastes part of a healthy, sustainable diet.”

The symlife platform of Symrise represents a holistic, natural approach to taste balancing. It draws on in-house selection, breeding and cultivation to identify part of the natural taste balancing raw materials. It also uses artificial intelligence (AI) to decode ancient Chinese recipes, for example. It further supports the circular economy by developing natural taste balancing materials from side streams, and investing in backwards integration and cultivation.

To date, developing products that combine taste and health benefits – with particular emphasis on replacing sugar – has proved a highly elusive goal. Effective balancing requires the complex and comprehensive approach that symlife offers.

The symlife taste solutions consider the entire taste dynamics of a product and balance its overall profile according to the product’s specific needs. This enables manufacturers to react with agility to trends and take significant steps towards attracting consumers with stand-out products that address health benefits, and also continue to satisfy their complex and discerning taste expectations.