Symrise delivers joint food and beverage competence

Following the consolidation of its taste, nutrition and health segment earlier this year, Symrise has restructured its food and beverages offer, combining it into one joint competence. This unites its flavor house tradition with the natural ingredients’ expertise of diana food and the skills of IDF in backward-integrated chicken solutions. Its clear expertise extends into the three complementary areas of taste, nutrition, and health. This meets consumers’ wishes for sustainable, natural, and distinctive experiences.

Taste, nutrition and health focus

Consumers are increasingly asking for “good-for-you” products. The demand for them is rapidly expanding around the globe. To address this trend, Symrise has structured its offering into one taste, nutrition and health segment. It now focuses on a joint portfolio with multiple benefits. It includes solutions that taste great and come from responsibly-sourced ingredients. At the same time, they bring nutritional value supporting a well-balanced diet. Also, the portfolio includes products with specific active components for relevant health benefits.

“Our unique offering comes from the combination of our expertise in taste, nutrition and health. We already apply these three types of know-how at different levels of maturity with our customers. Now, we will reinforce each of them. Value for customers and consumers comes from expertise itself and extra value will come from their relative combination,” underlined Dr. Jean-Yves Parisot, president of taste, nutrition and health (TN&H).

To achieve this, TN&H also formed a business incubation group (BIG) that brings together new, potentially game-changing ideas and solutions for the future of foods and beverages. This internal incubation structure accelerates present developments and lays the groundwork for the future. It also puts circular economy for major raw material sources into the centre of its activities. Through science and technology, TN&H identifies by-products and side-streams potentials in and for its supply chain. This enables it to create significant value from its natural raw materials. For instance, forerunning positions in chicken, and banana valorisation bring nutritional and sustainable products on the plates of consumers. Combining sustainably sourced ingredients with proprietary, gentle technologies yield numerous benefits for food and beverage customers. ProtiScan, for example, represents a differentiated Symrise technology that helps create great tasting alternative protein products.

Symrise’s offerings for food and beverages

Within TN&H, the Symrise food and beverage division supplies flavour solutions with individual tonalities, differentiated ingredients with food declarations, and complete solutions for use in final products. This includes its code of natureTM platform with its broad portfolio of natural solutions: Natural raw materials ranging from vanilla extracts to vegetable juice concentrates, fruit powders and flakes to chicken broth and pieces, as well as natural flavouring options. The joint portfolio delivering taste, nutrition and health serves a broad variety of application areas: culinary products, beverages, snacks, dairy and sweet products, baby food, and consumer health solutions.

The customer offer includes key tonalities such as chicken, beef, vegetables (onion, carrot, mushroom, etc); fruit (including a palette of citrus materials for beverage and sweet applications as well as banana meeting the strict standards of baby food); vanilla and further botanicals. Further, dairy and brown notes also form a key part of the portfolio, while taste balancing solutions optimise the overall taste for winning products.

“Our solutions help improve the nutritional profile of consumer products by adding functional ingredients, such as classic proteins, and fibres,” said Regine Lueghausen, food and beverage vice-president of global marketing, at Symrise. “We also support manufacturers in removing less desirable ingredients like sugar, sodium or fat while making these good-for-you products taste great.”

A differentiating experience

Symrise Food & Beverage stands out as an augmented flavour house with to its consumer and market insight led way of working, and its approach to sustainability and naturalness deeply rooted in the group. To better serve the market, Symrise Food & Beverage created a naturals business unit to centralise its natural ingredients expertise. The BU expertise includes sourcing with purpose, agronomy, risk management as well as gentle processing and a responsible production approach, including “full stream valorisation”.

“Consumers today take greater responsibility for their health than ever. Their demand for efficacy and naturalness continues to drive innovation, as does the spotlight on holistic well-being,” said Nathalie Richer, global health business leader of Symrise Food & Beverage, naturals. The division provides standardised active compounds allowing the development of health-specific supplements, as well as flavour and masking solutions for pharmaceuticals and OTC medicines. Acerola as natural source of vitamin C, cranberries for urinary health as well as wild blueberries associated with cognitive health benefits belong to the consumer health offering to the dietary supplements and functional foods market.