Sustainable and cost effective: Kerry launches cocoa replacement solution

Kerry’s cococa replacement solution allows manufacturers to navigate the volatile cocoa market while meeting consumer expectations for richness and indulence

Kerry has announced a new cocoa replacement solution targeting the cocoa pricing and supply crisis. Cocoa supplies are predicted to fall short by 11% in 2024, leading to a 300% increase in prices over the past year.

This crisis in cocoa production has primarily been driven by factors such as the swollen shoot virus and soil degradation, and has significantly affected key cocoa-producing countries. These countries, including Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, which together contribute approximately 54% of the global cocoa supply, are experiencing sharp declines in stock levels.

In response, Kerry has developed a range of cocoa taste solutions that provide an authentic cocoa taste experience without relying solely on traditional cocoa bean derivatives. The cocoa solution not only preserves the cocoa taste that consumers love, but also reduces manufacturers’ dependency on cocoa mass given the volatile cocoa market.

Delivering authenticity, reduced costs, and stable supply

Kerry’s research in cocoa extraction and flavour development ensures that its cocoa taste solutions deliver a rich and indulgent cocoa experience. The range of solutions supports up to a 35% reduction in cocoa powder use in formulation, reducing cocoa powder across baked goods, dairy beverages and confectionery while maintaining and enhancing cocoa notes and sensory experience.

By integrating Kerry’s cocoa taste solutions into their products, manufacturers can also reduce their exposure to the fluctuating cocoa commodity market. This translates into cost savings and a more stable supply chain, allowing businesses to remain competitive despite external market pressures.

Professional guidance and support

Kerry provides access to a team of food scientists and flavourists who offer insights and guidance. By assisting manufacturers in adjusting their product recipes to maintain or even enhance sensory qualities, these professionals ensure that the final product meets consumer expectations despite cocoa constraints.

“Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our cocoa replacement solution. This crisis presents not just challenges but also a pivotal moment for innovation and change for cocoa sourcing strategies. When it comes to potential solutions, there is a critical need for sustainability. If properly addressed, it can transform the landscape of cocoa production for the better. This will not only mitigate current supply challenges, leading to long-term industry resilience and environmental health, but support continued product innovation for brands and manufacturers,” said Young Kim, vice-president of Taste at Kerry Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.