SurePure Announces Publication of European Food Safety Authority Landmark Opinion that UV-Treated Milk is Safe

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — SurePure  (OTCQB: SURP), a global leader in liquid photopurification, announced today that on January 11, 2016 the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published its opinion stating that cow’s milk treated by SurePure’s UltraViolet light photo purification technology after pasteurization in order to extend the shelf life of the milk is safe under the intended conditions of use. Finding that treatment by SurePure’s photo purification technology increases vitamin D3concentrations in milk, and results in no other significant differences in nutrient content, EFSA’s opinion states that the use of the technology does not give rise either to safety concerns or to concerns about microbiological quality. The opinion affirmatively states that “UV-treated milk is comparable to non-UV-treated milk,” except for the significant increase in the vitamin D3 content, and that no adverse effects are expected from UV-treated milk in substitution for other milk that has been pasteurized.

The landmark opinion resulted from a novel foods application submitted to EFSA by SurePure’s licensee for the United Kingdom andIreland, which was originally filed in in September 2012 and supplemented in February 2015. The application noted both a 75% increase in shelf life and in the level of vitamin D3 resulting from the use of SurePure’s technology.

The publication of the opinion complements the November 3, 2015 announcement by SurePure of the decision by the Department of Health of South Africa to endorse ongoing studies of SurePure’s technology as an alternative to pasteurization for the treatment of raw milk to make it safe for human consumption. If successful, the program will allow South Africa’s farmers to use the SurePure photo purification technology as an alternative processing method for raw milk.

Guy Kebble, CEO of SurePure stated, “We are very pleased at the progress we are making with our regulatory partners. The EFSA opinion completely validates the position we have taken for 10 years – that both the product that results from the application of our technology and the production process that utilizes our technology, are safe and enhance the economic value of the foods and beverages we treat. The approved application allows for the production of milk with an extended shelf life with minimal additional energy costs. Our strategy now is to leverage both the progress we have made both with the EU and in South Africa to support the commercialization of our technology. The total dairy market in the EU is estimated to be approximately 159 million tons annually based on 2013 data.”