Study finds LIPOFER iron pills to have strong taste appeal

Consumer study finds iron supplement unique in sensory appeal and negligible metallic taste

Lubrizol Life Science has announced the results of its new study which reveals its melt-in-your-mouth iron supplement LIPOFER has taste appeal. The data will be presented at the SupplySide West 2023.

Iron supplementation, while crucial for many, carries a reputation for being unpalatable largely due to its tendency to leave a powerful and unpleasant metallic aftertaste. This can be off-putting enough to lead some consumers to forego this necessary supplement.

“Many consumers turn to iron supplements to improve blood deficiencies, increase iron count and energy, while others are required to take iron supplements under medical advice,” explained David Padró Escayola, global business manager for LLS Nutraceutical business. “These consumers are eager for a supplement that is easy to swallow, does not cause stomach upset or constipation, and does not have an unpleasant aroma or flavor. Above all, they want it to effectively improve wellness. LIPOFER was specifically designed to tick all those boxes, overcoming many of the challenges manufacturers face in the effort to create consumer-friendly sources of iron. Ours delivers the daily recommended dose of iron in a single, 1.5g stick that satisfies the demands for science-backed, clinically substantiated ingredients with sensory appeal.”

Lubrizol’s orosoluble iron is a concentrated, micronised, and microencapsulated iron source designed specifically to reduce iron’s reactivity in the mouth and digestive tract while delivering a fully absorbable mineral that is significantly easier and pleasant to digest.

The recent trials involved 100 volunteers who were instructed to blind-test a series of five orosoluble powder sticks in a single session. Two of the powdered iron candidates were LIPOFER iron sachets at differing doses. LIPOFER-14 delivers the fully recommended daily dose, whereas LIPOFER-5 offers a more moderate dose of the ingredient. The other three powdered sticks were composed of conventional iron salts in an orosoluble format.

The consumers were asked to rate various sensory characteristics of each product, including appearance, homogeneity, and metallic aftertastes. They then ranked the products in the order of their preferences.

Consumers found that the LIPOFER formulations exerted the mildest metallic aftertaste, and that lingered for a much shorter duration compared to the standard iron formulations. They also noted that LIPOFER demonstrated homogeneity, with a silky-smooth texture that melts instantly upon consumption.

In follow-up interviews, the panellists related high levels of satisfaction, with many expressing strong satisfaction with the LIPOFER orosoluble sticks as a supplement format. Additionally, they indicated that they would be likely to incorporate LIPOFER into their daily regimen.

This consumer study is part of Lubrizol nutraceutical division mission, “Connecting the Dots: Guiding supplement makers through the consumer mind.” This focus reflects Lubrizol’s consumer-led, insights-driven approach to serving the end-user.

“We also conducted an analysis on the iron category using a consumer insights AI-powered platform to gain an understanding of what drives good or negative sentiments regarding iron supplementation,” said Isabel Gómez, global marketing manager for LLS Nutraceutical business.

LIPOFER powdered stick is water dispersible and can easily be integrated into a wide variety of supplement formats and to fortify convenient foods including dairy products and fruit juices. It has been featured in a flavourful, pectin-based gummy, elevating the iron-supplementation experience.