SternEnzym presents enzyme solutions for marzipan, pralines, wafers and more at ProSweets

In wafer production, the SternEnzym’s enzymes help meet challenges like batter viscosity and batter nozzle clogging and thus help reduce breakage (Image: SternEnzym)

SternEnzym will exhibit its enzyme solutions at ProSweets Cologne 2024 from 28-31 Jan. These solutions enable manufacturers of marzipan, pralines, wafers, biscuits and crackers to reduce production costs whilst maintaining consistently their levels of quality. The improvements in texture and flavour in marzipan, and the benefits in praline creations with soft or liquid filling, are particularly noteworthy.

SternEnzym’s functional enzyme systems cover a wide range of applications in the food industry, including baked goods, long-life baked goods and confections, sugar and dairy products. Individual customer care, from consulting to assistance with application testing, is a trademark of SternEnzym. At ProSweets Cologne this supplier to the sweets industry will focus on the improvement of marzipan, pralines, wafers, biscuits and crackers.

For marzipan, SternEnzym offers an enzyme that converts saccharose into glucose and fructose. This conversion reduces crystallisation and reduces evaporation of water in the product, contributing to a smooth, fine texture. For confections like pralines with soft or liquid cores, Sweetase is used to delay liquefaction of the filling. This also extends shelf life, prevents drying out, and reduces crystallisation. Other sweet praline ideas can be developed on this basis, with flavour as well as technical benefits.

In wafer production, the company’s enzymes meet challenges like batter viscosity and batter nozzle clogging. The enzymes also contribute to reducing energy consumption and baking times. For biscuits and crackers, enzymes are offered that improve shape stability, browning, and texture, and thus help reduce breakage.

SternEnzym also offers a solution for a major health concern in the food industry. During the thermal treatment of carbohydrate-rich foods acrylamide is often formed. This by-product is considered potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic. To minimise this risk, SternEnzym offers an enzyme solution that can reduce acrylamide formation by up to 90% depending on the food.

At the heart of the company’s offerings are also custom-tailored solutions, for which ProSweets is an important platform. With its own wafer laboratory, SternEnzym has the facilities to do comprehensive testing. This fully automatic pilot plant with original-size baking plates makes it possible to transfer results to industrial scale, and thus develop individual solutions.