Steinecker sets up autonomous company within the Krones Group

Krones will in future synergise all its brewery business operations under a single roof – Steinecker.

In an attempt to focus on plant and equipment construction in process technology, Krones has announced plans to move its operations in the brewery business to Steinecker. Starting this April, the newly founded Steinecker will offer solutions and equipment required in a brewery, from raw materials reception through to the finished product. The company’s portfolio will also be supplemented by after-sales and service concepts.

The Krones facility in Freising near Munich, Germany, will in future be Steinecker’s headquarters – and the team, comprising brewery and beverage professionals, engineers, technologists, project managers, and automation and production professionals, will continue to look after their brewery clients’ projects worldwide. The entire project planning and processing team, the engineering, production and erection and installation departments, in addition to product development operation, will be represented at this facility.

One major focus will be on a sustainable, energy-efficient, CO2-neutral brewing process. The company’s own experimental brewing facility, the Steinecker Brew Centre, is a supplement here, offering a basis for developing innovations and upgrades of products used in the brewing process.

The company’s portfolio will be expanded to include two additional modules. Steinecker will also combine at one location all automation-related products and services, and integrate control solutions like its Botec F1 process control system, which provides service to not only breweries but also operators in the dairy and beverage sectors.

Furthermore, Steinecker will continue to benefit from its alliance with Krones, utilising the latter’s international production, sales and service network with its over 100 sites located globally. When a beverage company opts for a turnkey solution from the House of Krones, the entire kit – comprising not only process-technology systems but also filling technology or utility solutions – will come from a single source as before.