Sparkalis invests in Fooditive

From left to right: Daniel Malcorps, president of the board of Sparkalis; Moayad Abushokhedim, Fooditive CEO and founder; Filip Arnaut, managing director of Sparkalis

FoodTech venture fund Sparkalis has taken a minority stake in Fooditive, a food technology business specialising in sustainable plant-based ingredients. Fooditive’s innovations include an upcycled calorie-free natural sweetener with the taste and functionality of sugar, which is derived from apple and pear side streams.

Following the investment, Sparkalis managing director Filip Arnaut has joined Fooditive’s advisory board. There are now 11 food-tech experts sitting on the board. They will provide advice and insights to support Fooditive’s mission to create plant-based ingredients that are healthier for consumers, better for the planet and kinder to animals.

Fooditive, based in the Netherlands, has established itself in the industry for its precision fermentation technology, which produces vegan casein and bee-free honey. It also recently became the first food industry signatory to the Washington Compact, a new agreement on conducting business operations in outer space.

Moayad Abushokhedim, Fooditive CEO and founder, commented: ​“Our partnership with Sparkalis will give Fooditive access to many countries worldwide where we do not already have a market presence. This will enable us to take our innovations to a wider audience and in doing so bring about the changes that are needed to ensure the food supply chains of the future are truly sustainable.”

Filip Arnaut, managing director of Sparkalis, said: “Sparkalis has acquired a stake in Fooditive because we share the same vision for the future of the food industry. We are both committed to facilitating innovative solutions that will change the way we think about food production and create a more sustainable footprint for the industry.”

The investment was announced shortly before Future Food-Tech San Francisco (16-17 Mar 2023), at which Sparkalis will be present.