“Sol D’Oro Stars” Set to Become a Group Show

New marketing opportunities at Sol&Agrifood for winners of Sol D’Oro awards


The last ten days for entries in the Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere competition, which this year offers even more new business opportunities to award-winning companies. These include the chance to take part (at a subsidised price) in the first “Sol d’Oro Stars” group show during Sol&Agrifood (10-13 April 2016). Sol&Agrifood in 2015 attracted over 64,000 operators and buyers from 80 countries. Exhibitors and co-exhibitor at the Quality Agro-Foods Exhibition can enter the competition free of charge.


Verona A group show specifically dedicated to “Sol d’Oro Stars” during the coming edition of Sol&Agrifood – this is the new marketing opportunity for the winners of the next edition of Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere, the most important international competition dedicated to quality extra virgin olive oils scheduled in Verona from February 14 to 20.

All producers awarded with medals or special mentions will be able to take part as exhibitors in the Exhibition of Quality Agro-Foods scheduled from April 10 to 13 alongside Vinitaly and Enolitech. There will be ready-to-use stand available at a discount fee, while exhibitors or co-exhibitors already taking part in Sol&Agrifood can enter Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere free of charge.

Thanks to the synergy between Sol d’Oro and Sol&Agrifood, the Quality Agro-Foods Exhibition is increasingly becoming a unique business showcase for olive oils taking awards – and in 2015 attracted more than 64,000 professional operators and buyers, with almost 15,000 from 80 countries.

It all gets underway on April 10, with the announcement of the award-winning olive oils, which will be identifiable during the show thanks to the “International Sol d’Oro Competition Northern Hemisphere 2016” sticker with the colour and wording of the award received (Sol d’Oro – Sol d’Argento – Sol di Bronzo – respecitively Gold, Silver and Bronze). These olive oils will also be included in the “Sol d’Oro Stars” guide for distribution to international buyers and Veronafiere delegates around the world.

There will also be guided tastings of the award-winning olive oils and the Mantegna Hall and a walk around tasting organised specifically for the many Italian and international operators attending the exhibition. There will also be the Olive Oil Bar managed by ONAOO (National Organisation of Olive Oil Tasters), which will present olive oils taking awards in the Sol d’Oro Northern Hemisphere and Sol d’Oro Southern Hemisphere competitions (the latter took place last October in South Africa).

Another innovation this year also sees the olive oils wining special mentions being used as an ingredient during the finals of the first edition of the Jam Cup, the Junior Assistant Master Trophy, which will be hosted precisely during Sol&Agrifood featuring young people registered with the Italian Federation of Cooks for 2016.