Smart protein solutions: Hybrid smart technology adds value while assuring texture and taste in fortified treats

For healthier, fortified food options to be successful, they must deliver on taste, texture and indulgence. GELITA’s hybrid smart technology (HST) platform can help manufacturers meet such demands, while also developing added-value products ranging from collagen-rich gummies to high-protein candy and a variety of sugar-reduced treats.

According to research by Innova Market Insights, 45% of consumers are influenced by texture when buying food and drink, while 68% believe that texture contributes to a more interesting food and beverage experience1.

When it comes to textures, GELITA’s hybrid smart technology (HST) platform provides the tools that can tailor product innovations to the demands of various consumer groups. HST stands for hybrid smart technology. Hybrid, because a single HST ingredient can replace the regular gelatine and collagen source needed to produce collagen-enriched fruit gums, for example. This in turn alleviates any difficulties faced by manufacturers. For example, from a technological perspective, HST allows for the incorporation of high levels of collagen protein in fortified gummies, while providing indulgence, texture and taste. At the same time, compared to conventional collagen peptides, handling is easier in terms of storage and transportation, and so too is processing.

Beauty in the spotlight

Health concerns influence a variety of dietary decisions, with shoppers increasingly looking to support their immunity, mobility and overall wellness with foods and supplements containing added vitamins, minerals, nutrients and, in particular, collagen.

Unfortunately, the amount of collagen that the body produces declines from around the age of 30. A lack of collagen can cause a variety of problems, from impaired joint mobility and poor bone health to sagging and uneven skin. However, through the consumption of collagen in supplemental form, the body’s supplies of this nutrient can be replenished.

VERISOL HST facilitates the production of collagen-rich products. It is an ingredient solution for nustricosmetic products that are scientifically proven to benefit skin health. VERISOL contains natural bioactive collagen peptides (BCP) that have been developed to provide significant efficacy. With their special amino acid composition, they influence the skin’s collagen metabolism from the inside out. VERISOL enters the bloodstream and reaches the fibroblasts in the dermis. In a natural process, it stimulates collagen metabolism and helps strengthen the skin’s connective tissue. This means improved elasticity, fewer wrinkles and a younger, healthier appearance.

Scientific research has confirmed that a daily oral intake of just 2.5g of VERISOL brings beneficial effects. From a technological perspective, VERISOL HST allows for the incorporation of protein in confectionery products such as gummies, marshmallows and hard-boiled candies. Therefore, the recommended daily intake can be achieved with just three gummies with a VERISOL HST content of 33% each. 

The full article is available in the latest edition of Food & Beverage Asia August/September 2022 issue. To continue reading, click here.