Smart Plastics: Intelligent Linear Guide Increases Safety against Failure and Reduces Costs

smart plastics: The intelligent lubrication-free drylin guide reduces maintenance costs and increases the plant availability of the customer. (Source: igus GmbH, Cologne)

drylin linear guide enables predictive maintenance – pilot tester programme started

With the smart plastics igus has developed intelligent machine components, which monitor themselves during the operation. An early warning system consisting of sensors and digital communication thereby expands the world’s largest modular system for lubrication-free and maintenance-free linear guides. The smart drylin guide is easy to retrofit and increases the customer’s safety against failure.

Digitised and networked process sequences in drive technology promise a high potential for reducing machine downtimes, particularly when combined with high-performance plastics for the motion. The smart plastics from igus combine both and expand the customer’s ability to provide predictive maintenance. Through continuous measurements and the calculations using the parameters of the system as well as the thousands of test data from the igus test laboratory, it is possible to also reliably predict the smooth functioning of the smart plastics in the future while in real operation. Part of this comprehensive range is the intelligent drylin linear guide, which can be very easily retrofitted.

Smart linear guide makes maintenance easy

To make the products “smart”, the dry operating drylin bearings are equipped with sensors and a special module, the isense DL.W. This constantly monitors the abrasion of the dirt-resistant and dust-repellent plain bearings and determines the wear limit by which a bearing must be replaced. The status data are passed on via wireless to the user, who is able to intervene at the right time from anywhere. The isense DL.W as a lightweight and robust plastic element is ideally suitable for retrofitting as well as for a variety of moving applications in which linear guides are used, from the packaging machine to the machine tool. Furthermore, the icom module, which collects, processes and relays the data, serves as a central communication unit. The user can take over the monitoring with the terminal device of his choice and can thus always carry out maintenance, repair and replacement at the optimum moment. Because, if maintenance work has been carried out after rigid intervals, the new smart plastics can be used to determine the individual remaining service life of the component and always the best maintenance date. Particularly in the case of the long-lasting components made of Tribo polymers, the full utilisation of the online computable life cycle pays off.

The intelligent drylin guide is part of the overall range of intelligent products, including the intelligent energy chain and intelligent cable. For interested customers, igus has launched a pilot tester programme. You can find more information on it at: